Sunday, June 3, 2012

Deep Tissue Bruising

It is late in the day before she crawls
From the edge of the woods where
She's lain crumpled since her last beating

Since coming to,  her head is crashing
Crazily and her skin burns so, she fears
She might actually be glowing ...

Except for a tiny blood blackened split
Over one eyebrow, she appears unharmed;
Her bruises are of the deep-tissue type

And she knows as she draws to a crouch
First,  then finally hauls herself to her feet,
Walking is going to cause pain so severe

It will pierce every single part of her -
Bursting flowers of agony like fireworks;
It's not  the first time, she's had to chisel out

A normal seeming demeanor to get her
Through, but it's getting closer to the last



  1. Oh! This bruises deep. Goodness.
    And that last line can be read two ways...ultimate hope, or complete loss. Wonderful.

  2. Sharon, this is filled with pain and agony. I see hope in the ending. Strong piece.


  3. "flowers of agony"

    I can see them. And I'd rather not.

    Half a Whirl

  4. Wonderfully written, Sharon... so sad.

  5. the ambiguity of the ending is superb - and heartbreaking. Strong write!

  6. Wow, deep tissue!

  7. Awww... heart breaking. No-one ought to be so abused.

  8. This reminds me of The Hunger Games...the book series...I have not seen the movie yet. The pain and having to continue... Strong write. I like,I like!!

  9. Strong visuals and wise use of the words. "Deep tissue" wounds are often the most lasting. And your poem is a tribute to those who have encountered such experiences. Thank you,


  10. A strong write for sure, Sharon. Somehow the darkened hue and pain slipped past me when I read the words. But I can see how they fit into that description. Your work always triggers things in my thought process. And that is NOT a bad thing.

  11. horrible circumstances, well written. There are some things I just cannot fathom.....

  12. Sharp, poignant, true to life. Hope it's not someone you know.

  13. I wonder what exactly happened to her! It sure is nasty! Great write Sharon!


  14. It is unfortunate that I actually knew a woman who was 'secretly' beaten by her husband. I can only hope that she was able to leave. You have captured this dilemma. I would like to think I captured a different emotion here...(not a priority read just an FYI ...)
    This was written for a different word list:
    Thanks for your visit to my Wordle.

  15. Very moving and powerful. A thoughtful look at appearances - and what people do to maintain them - abusers and the abused.


  16. Oh Sharon, my deep tissue is on fire!

  17. A well-wrought visual poem of abuse. It is chilling and powerful. This collection of words has led us in a few directions. I have not read all the entries yet, but this is the only one that encompasses abuse. Mine was quite different, but it is because I chose to use the words within the context of a special friendship.

  18. Great ending! Wow, everyone seems to have written about physical abuse.


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