Friday, August 31, 2012

Desperately Missing You Who are Gone

I walk at night in the graveyard, and I walk alone
Hoping against despair somehow I will run into you
Knowing in my heart, and in my soul,  you are gone

Reading the stones, I weep, but still you are gone
I try to take it in, realize the truth of it, I am alone
No matter how I twist away from it, I don't have you

Oh what I would give for just one day more with you
It does not matter that I tell myself our days are long gone
No, for then I am left with the sad fact again, I am alone

So, I am walking on alone without you wishing I too were gone.


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Latching the Gate

A mind floods
with past indiscretions
and other bits
of curvaceous lunacy
Its owner gives
chase as they lace
through narrow synapses
spinning past gateways
permanently stuck open

Trying to map these
is a lesson in futility
as they ricochet
at warp speed from
dark alcove to darker
Gaining even more speed
with dangerous
invisible intent
Any idea of eventual
dwindle, a dim impossibility.