Friday, August 31, 2012

Desperately Missing You Who are Gone

I walk at night in the graveyard, and I walk alone
Hoping against despair somehow I will run into you
Knowing in my heart, and in my soul,  you are gone

Reading the stones, I weep, but still you are gone
I try to take it in, realize the truth of it, I am alone
No matter how I twist away from it, I don't have you

Oh what I would give for just one day more with you
It does not matter that I tell myself our days are long gone
No, for then I am left with the sad fact again, I am alone

So, I am walking on alone without you wishing I too were gone.



  1. whew...heavy feeling in that last line...built well with the image of someone walking through the graveyard at night looking for their dead love...whew...nicely done to form..

  2. Ah - very sad and lyrical poem - the repetition of the form is like knocking your head against a wall - more lyrical than that, but it adds to the poem's plaintive quality--so works terrifically well. k.

  3. Difficult, and the feeling of loss and mourning is strong...the repetition echoes the drone of grief that repeats its sad lines over and over.

  4. With every verse that despondent feeling mounts and mounts, underlined by the word repetitions of the tritina. A compelling read.

  5. such heavy emotions in this...missing someone so much that we think we can't live on without them, hoping to find them somewhere on our journeys..a very moving write

  6. So sad, Sharon... beautifully written.

  7. Very powerful tritina; I understand and empathize. The last line really accentuates the sense of loss and mourning.

  8. Not only a fantastic tritina but a heart rendering write! I feel you...for better or for worse...the longing is what lingers...awesomeness!

  9. Many thanks to all who came, read and commented on this lamenting tritina ... I'm glad it was able to touch so many of you


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