Thursday, January 17, 2013

dreaming the lake mayliewan

bull-rushes all around and swathes
of dry wheat stalks almost obscure
the reflections of the rich owners’

mansions— almost but tonight
they are mirrored so perfectly
it is as if another group of elaborate

houses lies beneath the calm surface
a surreal Atlantis where I could slip
and enter the fantasy as easily

as entering any other village
the demarcation point where they
meet, a still distinction

it would not be drowning or death
but gentle in the undertow I’d be
taken in the rhythm of the bees


  1. Sharon, this is gorgeous. I was intrigued by the idea of reflection being a doubling of sorts of the homes. But it was that last line, the "rhythm of the bees," that touched me deeply. Really beautiful work here. Peace, Amy
    I married the "wonder" prompt with a list of words posted by Jasmine Calyx and came up with my own little wonderful moment:

  2. This is gorgeous and amazing! I love this line: "a surreal Atlantis where I could slip
    and enter the fantasy as easily"

    And you ending is profound!


  3. Your poems draw me right in. This too is enthralling.

  4. SO love that last stanza! Great write.


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