Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Moon is Cresting the Horizon

A moon is cresting the horizon, it's huge and creamy
The colour reminiscent of churned butter, old roses, love
And as I drive home, I catch glimpses of it as it rises
Through the trees in the park, over, and between the peaks
Of houses and other buildings; it makes arcing progress
Easily tracked and yet always slightly surprising in that
Way that makes one go, 'ah, there you are' — as if greeting
An old friend playing a casual game of hide 'n see
While you go on your way, and it goes on its way also.



  1. Pretty! I love the journey your share with the moon ;D

  2. Moon and magic - an ancient partnership which never fails to entrance, eh?

  3. Beautiful. The moon follows us, but then the time will come when we have to go separate ways.

    1. Thanks oceangirl - if you get this reply, would you mind telling me how you found your way to this blog? I'm just interested to know where my links are showing up and hardly anyone makes it to this one. I do appreciate you stopping by. S.E.Ingraham


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