Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Wherein the Greatest Advises the Science-Challenged

“Imagination is more important that knowledge,” and
“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s 
coming attractions,” Albert Einstein

 In the miasma that is quantum physics or mitochondrial DNA
As I struggle to come to understand the chemical mystery
That is my insanity; I rejoice to learn that even Einstein believed
There was more merit in brainstorming about possibilities
Then dwelling on what has already been proven – in fact, he
Once said “I used to go away for weeks in a state of confusion”
A remark very similar to ones I myself make and, not infrequently

While admittedly, Einstein’s “what if’s” have resulted in some
Of the world’s truly great scientific finds and theories
It becomes apparent upon reading his biographies, and there
Are a plethora,   he had a superfluity of those questions –
Perhaps the staggering number alone, coupled with his passionate
Curiosity couldn't help but produce the theory of relativity
For instance – after all, there is certain logic to be considered
Here, and empirical data would suggest that – omigod – I am
Doing some scientific theorizing – am I out of my mind?
Well, yes – given my history, there’s a very good chance ...

It would appear that science and philosophy are growing
Closer together – some are even postulating that God
And Science are nearing a resolution previously thought
Unattainable, or even unthinkable; Albert Einstein must be
Chuckling or maybe just nodding, from wherever he is
After all, he did say, “All religions, arts and sciences are
branches of the same tree.” I could get behind that I think.

Every day, it seems that idea is becoming more accepted
As science embraces religion and vice-versa; Einstein also
Maintained that “God always takes the simplest way” and
“God may be subtle but he isn't plain mean”- a couple of notions
That might not sit well with some forms of the more traditional
Religions but for much of the world, made weary by chaos
Brought on by war and bitterness, the divisiveness that little
Understood factions on both sides have taken to exploiting,
This could be welcome news, especially those who are ready
To accept God and Science as partners in a changing world


  1. I defintely hope that science and philosophy grow closer together...and hope that God and science are able to reconcile as well. I think this would be good for us all. I do like the idea that Einstein appeared to embrace God. I appreciated your poem, which caused me to do some serious thinking.

  2. Your quote at the start is my favorite from Einstein. It was copywork for my children and they have taken it from the pen to the page to the heart. Thank you for reminding me, because sometimes I am guilty of suffocating their imaginations with pounds of knowledge.

  3. Ahhh, a God and Einstein poem.
    My comment on your poem, would be my poem.

  4. Wow, I so love this! A deeply insightful poem, kiddo. I adore your elephant backdrop. Is there some way I could see the photo itself? Where did you find him?

    Great response to the prompt! Wonderful!

  5. Great post. I've always thought a bit like night and day, you can't have one without the other. I don't see them as being too far apart at all, really.
    Really enjoyed this:)

  6. To me God and science to go hand in hand....this is so thought provoking and perfect for the prompt! :-)


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