Thursday, February 28, 2013


There is a lake just north of here with magic
Hidden deep beneath its glossy plane
So cleverly disguised is it, one might pass it by

To do so would be sad I guess, not tragic
But a chance missed all the same
To slide inside another world, who would not try

It is after all a lake just, and not at all pelagic
And once discerned the demarcation like a frame
Will pull apart allowing one to slip in and thereby

Entering an upside down town takes adjusting quick
But the enchantment is such you'll be glad you came
In fact it will be hard for you to think of saying good-bye

It's so calming beneath the surface in the town with no name
It's like Atlantis - a place to visit - a place beyond the flame

Samuel Peralta's in charge at dVerse tonight and well worth the visit just for the plethora of info on sonnets and variations on the form (only one of which I've tried to follow with the Trireme sonnet) - he also details some words on ekphrastic poetry, one of my favourite forms and gives a great example using one of his own poems from a new project he's collaborating on...hop on over to dVerse and check it out.


  1. ha. fun play with the reflection teh lake near here there is a town underwater....from the flooding and divers go down...never been but think it would be pretty cool...nice use of the form!

  2. Love the Atlantic take :-) great idea of mirrors

  3. Sharon, I must be honest with you dear friend. I find it very difficult to read on this particular blog. The elephant background & white text hurts my eyes and makes me a bit dizzy (which happens easily w/ my Meniere's disease).

  4. I like the ending couplet, like Atlantis ~

    Like Laurie, I had a hard time reading the white font on the elephant background~ Perhaps a dark solid background will make it easier ~

  5. a magical sonnet - loved the idea of Atlantis - lovely - K

  6. I like the idea of an upside down town...a mirror image perhaps? Really enjoyed this...thanks.

  7. The play with the mirror image on the lake, reflecting the silhouette of the town above, is a wonderful device for this sonnet. You definitely challenged yourself with some of the end-rhymes you chose, but carried it off remarkably well.

  8. nice...lakes are always magical and cool nod to atlantis as well.. had a hard time reading the font though..

  9. But the enchantment is such you'll be glad you came - It was and i really enjoyed the poem.

  10. Reads beautifully.
    Yes, entering another world is always tempting, especially one you can simply glide into. As longs we have hope of getting back out. Mesmerizing poem. thank you.

  11. Thanks, Sharon... I came back to give it another try with fresh eyes (it's morning). What a magical lake indeed... love the upside town.

  12. I love the idea of entering into the reflected town - that would be an interesting trip.

  13. ...the inclusion of the idea about Atlantis makes it more deep, mysterious & wonderful to read... enjoyed it...smiles...


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